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About Yarkuwa

Yarkuwa is an Aboriginal organisation established in 2003 to hold and maintain traditional knowledge relating to culture and heritage, family and kinship and to provide a base for community development.  

Yarkuwa’s primary objectives are to:

  • Collate and maintain cultural, heritage and environment information as it relates to Wamba Wamba and Perrepa Perrepa country,

  • Provide an education service to the wider community including schools and community groups,

  • Engage in negotiations with Local, State, Federal government and other agencies on matters relating to culture, heritage and the environment,

  • Provide a means for Members to develop skills that will allow them to be involved in the provision of education and research services,

  • Provide a centre to facilitate the transfer of knowledge from one generation to the next, and to,

  • Acquire and hold title to land and water for the purposes of culture and heritage, environment, education, conservation and social and economic development.


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